About WIYS (Walking-In-Your-Shoes)

If you are interested in the method WIYS please look on the following pages:

www.WIYS-Institut.org (english mode available) and


Walking-In-Your-Shoes is used for coaching and self awareness. You could use it to understand your relationships or your highest potential and many other topics.

About me

I am a certificated Trainer for Walking-In-Your-Shoes.

A am also a facilitator for family constellation and member in the DGFS, the Institute für Systemic work.

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Ausgebildete Trainerin für WIYS
Zertifikatsübergabe Trainer WIYS


I am offering my work with Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp or life in seminars  or workshops.

Your find me also in the online conference of WIYS, see here

GeomancyDwarf in the wood


Geomancy is for me a work for mother earth and with the elements of nature.

We can walk places, the energy of cities ,the elementary world like dwarfs or elves or do a constellation for a city.

Special topics for WIYS

I offer workshops about Archetype work, Resilience or training for advanced walker. Please ask for my program


Marianne Dietz-Grebe

Marianne Dietz-Grebe
Marianne Dietz-Grebe (2016)

Nenndorfer Platz 58

30459 Hannover

E-Mailadresse :          Marianne[at]Dietz-Grebe.de

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